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                          Deyang Sinozyme Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

                             Deyang Sinozyme Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded as a Sino-German joint-venture in 2003.The joint-venture’s partners are Sichuan Deebio Bio-technology Co., Ltd., Deyang,Sichuan Province P.R. China and Danimex Gesellschaft fur Enzymtecnologie mbH, Hamburg, Germany.

                             Sinozyme has successfully passed the European GMP certification at the beginning of 2005 as the first API manufacturer of enzymes in Asia.

                             Our main products are pancreatin, which was exporting into Europe, United States, Japan, and Republic of Korea etc. It was the largest manufacturing base of pancreatin in Asia.


                             Sinozyme takes technical-innovation as developing powder; takes the satisfaction from clients, shareholder, and staff for the business purposes. It has advantage equipment, qualified premises & facilities, and production conditions. And also has lots of achievements in the research &development of enzymes API. Sinozyme depends on the first batch academician workstation, postdoctor innovation practice base in Deyang which was owed by our holding company Sichuan Deebio Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. and research & development powder of Sichuan Animal Coproduct Extraction Engineering Technical Research Centre to make our technology at the top level in the domestic as well as international.

                             Our production and management staff were strictly trained and qualified, Sinozyme strictly follows GMP regulation control, that is the precondition to provide the good quality products to all our clients, and it also establishes a good foundation for becoming a word-class API manufacturing base.

                          Copyright ? 2016 Deyang Sinozyme Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved
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