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                          Industry News
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                          Bayer Schering Pharma AG to invest 100 million euros to establish R & D Center in China

                            According to reports, a subsidiary of Bayer AG - Bayer Schering Pharma AG, said in the next five years will invest 100 million euros in Beijing to establish a global research and development center. "We Bayer has been the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen the business, the company's business in China is the main driving force of growth. In the newly established R & D center in Beijing, Bayer will establish a level of world-class R & D team in order to extend the global Bayer R & D expertise and capabilities. Bayer Beijing will be the world's innovative drug development at key locations, "Bayer Schering Pharma's Chairman of the Board said Andri Fee cost. Bayer Group in China is the world's third largest market, will become Bayer in Germany and the United States to set up the third of the national R & D centers worldwide.
                            Are based on this, Bayer Schering pharmaceutical company also announced cooperation with Tsinghua University to establish a strategic partnership, Bayer pharmaceutical research in the core areas, seeking to target disease-related cooperation and so on.
                            "China has a large number of professional scientific study of medicine. Bayer's goal is to partner with China through close cooperation, and support China's own R & D activities carried out at the same time, Bayer also would strengthen its own R & D capability." Andri fee said.
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